about pauline

Pauline Salotti was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Her father, Paulo, was a foreman for the local Highway Department. Elizabeth, Pauline's mother, worked for the local Water Department as a Community Representative, ensuring water services for lower income families by entering them into payment assistance programs. This upbringing has influenced Pauline's philosophy of working to improve the livelihoods of everyday people and focus on improving community infrastructure.


In Brazil, a mastering technician at a studio connected to a major record label, hosted radio programs at various stations, and was the singer for a well-recognized blues band. At 21, Pauline immigrated to the United States to continue her ambitions in music production.  She taught herself English while completing education at the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan.  Shortly after obtaining a position at a NYC film production studio, then as a pro audio equipment representative, Pauline was the only female in a staff of ten in a rigorous work environment.  


Pauline subsequently married and gave birth to her daughter. Separated a few years later, as a single mother in a foreign country she started her own business, the first natural cleaning service to advertise on Long Island. She developed an advanced cleaning line to reduce the environmental impact and health hazards of using ordinary cleaning products.  This only prompted her further into investigating and scrutinizing the government's treatment of our precious wildlife and natural resources.


A big influence of becoming politically active was listening to local news and commentary shows on WUSB Stonybrook, where she now coproduces a weekly broadcast program with one of these voices of reason throughout the years, Mort Mecklosky. That show is on Mondays at noon-ish.

Through the process of becoming naturalized citizen in 2014/15, inspired by aspects of American History, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution's well-defined responsibilities, she then joined the Green Party and ran to become the councilperson of the 5th District of the Town of Brookhaven. Focusing on the corruption and backroom deals that harm the local ecology, she ran to solve longer Island’s water pollution, prevent another fossil-fuel-based power plant from developing in the town, and proactively move to transition to a sovereign and green local economy. Her campaign changed the course of discussion where the incumbent seeking reelection and other candidates had to address these issues. It also provided experience on how to run a local campaign, skills which she wishes to share with others who are seeking to challenge the Two-Party system, and want to run on a non-corporate sponsored party line, placing "People, Planet, and Peace before Profits".


Today, besides spending whatever time possible with her teenage kid, she sings and plays the guitar at various venues throughout Long Island, is a Solar Energy Consultant, the Chairperson of the Suffolk County Green Party, a radio and TV personality, and continues her efforts to positively change the direction of her chosen home.


Some folks, believe it or not, would care to know that Pauline is a Leo with Rising Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries, a Red Dragon would say the Chinese, an Alien to her mom (in a good way - she's into UFO's) or others who don't exactly know where Brazil is, also an Astronomer/Astrologer living in Nepal 500 years ago according to her late grandmother's book on past lives. All true.

my mini-me, melody =)